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  What kind of production process is used to manufacture nodular cast iron well covers? This product is a new type of environmental protection product produced by our factory. The structure design of this product is also very reasonable. In the following contents, we will introduce the relevant knowledge of this product to you in detail, and hope to help you.



  Our manufacturer used nodular graphite and cast iron as the main materials in the production of nodular cast iron well covers. It has a very good bearing capacity, in addition to this product has a very good compressive ability. Shock resistance, including wear resistance and other properties are also very good. We have solved the downward force very well, and this product also has the function of anti-theft in the design, the use of time can also be automatically adjusted, if there is no special key outside, it can not be opened. And it can also automatically adjust the communication of the well cover according to the downward force of the lecture. The product also has a very good function, that is, anti-displacement, not only Xiao Chen has been very effective control, all unexpected has also been a very effective control. He also has a prominent anti-noise function, no matter how long it is used, wheels will not make any noise when they are rolled over.

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