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  What details should be paid attention to in the correct installation steps of cast iron guardrail? Let's take a look at Shandong cast iron guardrail!


  1、 The blanking must be accurate, and all the finished materials should be straightened and leveled.


  2、 The welder tools, equipment and testing facilities shall be complete and in place, and the weld shall be free of cracks, weld beading, burn through, solitary pit and other defects, and the surface shall be free of air holes.


  3、 The assembly and docking must be operated on the platform to ensure the geometric dimension during assembly.



  4、 When grinding cast iron guardrail, the spatter on each part should be completely removed to ensure that the surface is beautiful and tidy.


  5、 After the construction of cast iron guardrail is completed, high pressure sand blasting shall be carried out to completely remove dust, rust and oil on the workpiece。 After the true iron gray color is shown, special personnel shall spray paint or spray plastic。

3d捕鱼  六、成品完成后,要用塑料膜包装,以防划痕、落尘及附着飞溅物。

3d捕鱼  6、 The finished product should be packed with plastic film to prevent scratch, dust and spatter.


  7、 During the manufacturing process of cast iron guardrail, all links from blanking to spraying are inspected and recorded。 After the completion of fabrication, the inspector shall carry out inspection according to the requirements of the drawings and fill in the certificate of conformity。 During the installation, everyone shall wear safety helmet and fasten the safety belt to complete the construction task safely and smoothly。


3d捕鱼  8、 The cast iron guardrail shall be manufactured in strict accordance with the following procedures: drawing review, review, layout, blanking, leveling, assembly, correction, grinding, sandblasting, painting or plastic spraying, inspection, installation and acceptance。


  The above is about the correct installation steps of cast iron guardrail. If you want to know more, please click Shandong cast iron guardrail http://www.zgcjxdw.com Official website.

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